Some observations on technology, particularly FreeBSD.

Getting request.ip to show you the client IP when Sinatra is behind a proxy

Real IP address when using custom upstream proxy servers with Sinatra

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Temporally bypass strict hosts checking with SSH

How to temporally bypass strict hosts checking with SSH

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Sending UTF8 emails with the mail command line

How to send UTF-8 formatted emails using the standard UNIX mail tool.

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Wordpress - remote server did not respond errors whilst importing

Wordpress failing to fetch media during an import down to php-fpm chroot configuration.

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FreeBSD pkg. Undefined symbol openat

/usr/local/lib/ Undefined symbol "openat" when using pkg to install software

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Nginx proxy pass generating 404 errors

Client getting 404 error with what looked to be a correct nginx proxy configuration.

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Gmail SPF checks when collecting mail via POP3

Gmail performs additional SPF checks when collecting mail via POP3 that can cause spurious SPF failures.

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FreeBSD 10 on AWS EC2

FreeBSD's support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is better than ever. This short tutorial shows you how to create a FreeBSD 10 VM on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and use it to serve web page with nginx.

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MySQL Database, Table and Index Sizes

As part of administering our customer MySQL databases we often want to know the size of databases, tables and indexes. These are a few of the commands we commonly use on MySQL and Percona 5.6.

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Bashing poor old Bash with regards to CVE-2014-6271 on FreeBSD

So yesterday a 20-odd year old bug in the popular `bash` shell was announced. In essence the bug allows a user to set a environmental variable it is possible to include additional _executable_ code.

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Checking replication lag on a mongo replication set

A shell script to report replication lag on a mongo replication set

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Auditing ports and packages with 'pkg ng'

We used to use jailaudit to produce a portaudit for all our jails, but it would seem that `portaudit` and `jailaudit` need some work before they are happy in the newer ecosystem. However new _pkg ng_ tools can audit things directly including jails. This is great, but we were lacking an easy way to audit all our jails as we used to.

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Logging with Ruby Sinatra and Passenger

If you read around about logging in the wonderful Sinatra framework you'll tend to find something that suggests you just reopen STDOUT and STDERR in your `` file. That worked fine and has served me well for quite a while. All that changed with more recent versions of the Passenger Gem which I tend to use in concert with Nginx to deploy my Ruby web applications. You see Passenger now seems to use STDOUT to do a lot of chatting to itself on and re-directing it in the above fashion just breaks things. Here is the way I work around that.

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The rise of “not now” (whatever happened to us being able to say no?)

I’ve noticed a trend that seems to becoming increasingly prevalent in all forms of websites and apps and that’s “not now”.

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IPMI sensor access on FreeBSD

With the more recent versions of Passenger logging errors and information in Sinatra has become harder, here is the way I work around that.

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